Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Week 3, Day 1; Splurges, pt. 2

Weighed in today at 222.8, which puts me at -6.2 pounds, despite the splurge yesterday.  Interestingly, today's Weight Watchers meeting was about using those additional weekly food points.  The members seem divided into two camps when it comes to using them.  Some people use some or all of them every single week, other people never touch them.  The problem with not using them is that, especially for people who have a lot way to go--and we all do, in that everyone has to maintain the loss once achieved--it's easy to feel deprived.  Feeling deprived leads to frustration, frustration leads to out of control behaviors, binging, and an imbalance in the force.  In order to avoid crossing over to the dark side, or worse, regaining the weight that one has worked so hard to lose, there has to be some flexibility.

I also noted today that the hunger is mostly gone, except for key times before meals, but the wanting remains.  Avoiding sweets is my most major pitfall.  Today someone at work came up to me at break and said, "Here, I made a cookie for you," and thrust it in my hand before I had a chance to respond.  First I thought, I'll throw it away when I'm back in my room. (Mean? Perhaps, but oh well.)  But then I thought, it's such a waste of a homemade cookie, I'll just have a bite and then throw the rest away.  Well, you can probably guess what happened.  Obviously, I'm far from perfect.  I think I need a sweets shield--maybe a force field that I can activate with a flick of my hand...I'll be a cookie Jedi.

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