Wednesday, May 1, 2013

W7, Day 1: Weigh Day

Weigh day again today--how does it come around so fast?  And it's not a good one for me at 228.0, a small gain from last week.  I feel like a yo-yo.  But really, in the larger scope of this week, a small gain isn't the end of the world.

Monday was every bit as difficult as I feared and more.  But I got through it.  Yesterday was a little better, and so was today.  I'm surprised that I made a gain because Monday I was so upset I didn't want to eat anything.  Maybe the chocolate bar I had yesterday balanced it back out.  Since there was a cake testing at work today, I'm not off to a great start for this week.

It was interesting to wear the BodyMedia device while at work because it says I burn about a thousand more calories per day.  I'm not sure the calorie increase was a good idea since I didn't lose anything this week and I did log carefully, but I'll keep the goal while I'm working at least because I feel a lot more active.

I haven't been too hungry since I've been at work--at least not for food, I still want my baby boy--so that part's going well.  I'm so tired though that I feel I could crash out at any moment, so maybe as early a bedtime as possible might help.  Halfway through the week!  Only 21 more days to go till summer.  :)