Friday, January 21, 2011

W3, Day 4: Friday Treats

Ah Friday, 'Treats' day at work.  Generally I just try to avoid the staffroom until lunchtime, but I really need to get to the copy machine at break today, so I picked up my (mushy) apple as a talisman and headed off.  As I walked over there, I told myself I'd just walk right through to the workroom.  Then I told myself, okay, you can just walk over to the treats table, look, but not take anything.  Yeah right, like that's going to work, right?  I felt like I had to take something, but I hoped that there might be some fruit since fruit is a free food and I can eat those freely.  Unfortunately, no fruit.  So, I stood there, eying the breadth and scope of the small delicious items abounding on the table.  I selected two chocolate almonds, two slices of salami, and a small piece of cheese.  When I returned at lunch, I added two more chocolate almonds, and 3 mini Quaker rice cakes.  So, not bad I guess.  My goal had been to take nothing at all--maybe that's unrealistic?  I think I would have felt better about myself if I had resisted taking anything, but on the whole, I feel pretty positive about today's treats.  I think I can handle it--provided there's no cake!

Since it was Friday night, my husband and I went out to dinner tonight.  We picked Japanese since we've both been having a craving for a bowl of udon, our favorite dish.  So, we had chicken udon from Little MadFish (so good!) and we shared a few pieces of tempura.  I know the latter is terribly unhealthy and I had to dig into a few weekly bonus points, but I think it was worth it for the nice date meal we had.  I felt that I was not a dieter, but just a normal person enjoying a nice meal out.  Just this evening, I feel that perhaps this could be sustainable in the long term.

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