Monday, January 10, 2011

W1, Day 7; Food Obstacle Courses at Work

Today I went back to work after a three-week vacation.  I had been wondering how it would be re-adjusting to a different schedule.  Being at work has distinct advantages and disadvantages.  On the one hand, at work there is a rigid schedule that prevents eating at any time except lunch and a brief break in the morning.  This is excellent for keeping me from snacking during the day because there simply fewer minutes when I have access to food.  On the other hand, work can be an unexpected danger zone because people often bring in snacks to share, and Fridays are our official "Treats" days when each team is supposed to rotate the duty of bringing food to share.  On these mornings I make a point of avoiding the staff room until lunchtime when (hopefully!) most of the tempting things are gone.  While Friday treats comes from a generous place in everyone's heart, it is an obstacle course for me.

I feel real frustration and even anger with myself because I lack control with confronted with my favorite treats like muffins, donuts, cookies, etc.  I have to rehearse and role-play my reaction again and again in advance, "Keep walking past the table, take nothing.  Keep walking past the table, keep walking..."  Weight Watchers calls some foods 'trigger foods,' which are personal for each individual and are basically foods that one must simply avoid because that person can't handle eating them in small quantities.  I'm not sure they meant the term to apply to a whole situation rather than individual foods, but Friday treats hits one of my food triggers.  It's one of the most difficult food days of the week.  Seeing the food causes a compulsion to eat it that is incredibly difficult to resist.  My mind pulls into overdrive, arguing, cajoling, withstanding, pushing me towards it all--it's a wonder people can't see the struggle written on my face!  Friday treats isn't really going anywhere and I really need some new strategies to get through it without blowing all my calories for the day or ending up mentally exhausted.

On another note, tomorrow is the day of the Weight Watchers meeting AND weigh day.  I feel good heading to the scale tomorrow so we'll see how it goes.  I'm excited!

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  1. I know how that is - the treats made with love are SO hard to pass up! My former officemate used to make cookies and bring them in once a month or so, and she would always offer them around. "Chels, would you like a cookie? Cookie! COOOOKKKKKIIIIEEEEEE!!!" I started forcing myself to immediately say "no thank you" out loud, which made it somehow easier to resist them physically, since I had already refused.
    Good luck, with food at work and with the new WW meetings and rules!

    - chelsea