Saturday, January 8, 2011

Week 1, Day 4; Eating Out: Treats, and Temptations, and Tasties--Oh My!

Made it through last night without hunger pains and felt better this morning than I have all week.  This seems to be the pattern for me: the first few days are the worst in terms of hunger.  Yesterday the hunger inside me felt like a throbbing pain deep inside; today it was a quiet, gentle ache.  I have been trying to load up on veggis to satisfy my body and have been drinking more milk than I usually do to help fill myself up (and a bit of extra calcium can't hurt either).

So today presented a new challenge:  Eating Out.  I captialize this because this is a huge pitfall for me.  I love eating out, but I feel hard pressed to find places that fit my plan.  Today was not exactly a disaster--I mean, I didn't hit up any local bakeries or go off the deep end and dive into a pool of ice-cream or anything), but I ended up going over daily plan by about 200 calories.  Bummer.  So here's what happened:  I ate light breakfast of yogurt and fruit knowing that my family wanted to go out to lunch.  They let me know that it was a sandwich shop they wanted to go to and I suitably envisioned a nice turkey sandwich on whole wheat bread with some veggis, no mayo, and maybe a bit of cheese if I was feeling daring.  I usually pull up a restaurant's menu online before I go and pick out my healthy option beforehand, but armed with this virtuous image in mind, I headed off confident that I could make good choices.

The deli was bustling--extremely bustling--and you ordered off menus on the wall while the lunch crowd behind you politely and firmly pushed you forward.  Looking at the menu, I realized I was in deep trouble.  I expected a light and harmless (mostly) little sandwich, but this was something completely different.  They were all hot sandwiches, filled with sauces and meats--and the calories!  The staff had helpfully posted the calories and they danced a horrific waltz before my eyes:  910, 850, 780, 1000, etc. for a sandwich!  I felt completely bewildered and before I knew what I was going to do, everyone had ordered and they were waiting for me.  I couldn't leave the cashier just standing there, staring, so I just blurted out the lowest calorie numbered item I could see, a pork sandwich with a whopping 530 calories.  Yikes!  In retrospect, I should have asked them if they could put together something that wasn't on the menu for me, something without any sauces, but in front of my family, I just felt so embarrassed.  It was a nice lunch and it was meant to be a fun family time, but I was privately frustrated with myself AND still hungry since the sandwich wasn't all that filling, despite it's high calorie count.  By the time dinner came around, I was starving and I made the choice to go over by a few points (Weight Watchers translates food into points).  I know that's not the end of the world, but I sure wish I could have kept inside of my goal.  But, I'm going to forgive myself and let it go.  Tomorrow is a fresh day and a fresh page in my food journal.

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