Saturday, January 22, 2011

W3, Day 5: Gardening

Today dawned beautifully, sunny and warm.  I opened up our whole house to let the air in and felt it swirl around me.  Somehow, the brightness lead me outside to work in the front yard for a few hours.  I raked, pulled weeks, planted, swept, swept, swept, power washed, and scrubbed.  It was so very pleasant, which is weird because I've never been much of a yard person.  After I came in, I was just exhausted, but I felt good too because not only did the yard look good, but I felt like I worked my body pretty well.  Like gardening, I'm not much of an exercise person, but it does feel good to be active during the day.

Later, I made a healthy dinner and we watched some t.v.  As we sat down, I felt my head start spinning.  Random. I was so very dizzy for several hours.  Maybe I was dehydrated.  I didn't really drink anything all day, especially with all that time out in the warm sun.  Or maybe my body was just tired from all the yard work.  I don't know.  But it sure felt pretty funky.  I spent the evening drinking cup after cup of water in case it is dehydration, so I'm in anticipation of a long night.  And it must be noted, as soon as my body felt ill, I wanted to turn to food.  Food just feels like a cure-all to me and I turn to it to cure illness, create happiness, and it would probably save the whales too.  However, tonight I didn't eat anything more, so I still don't feel well.  It's either a dose of self-medicating ice-cream or an early bedtime....  G'night!

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