Wednesday, January 12, 2011

W2, Day 2; Wantings

So today I began trying out the new plan.  Since fruit is now a free food, I took advantage of that and ate several more servings than I normally do in the day.  I realized that whether because of the new plan, or more likely because my body has adjusted to eating a lot less food, but my hunger levels were the lowest they've been since I started.  Hunger hits me around 10 a.m. and quietly rests upon my being, a gentle shadow trailing me lightly through the day.  It's bearable.  By 7 p.m., the hunger was still held at bay--just--but my body, or mind, was craving meat.  It didn't care what type of meat, I just wanted meat.  This is odd because I'm not really a huge meat eater.  Yes, I like it.  But of all the foods that I cut down on, meat has always been one of the first things on the chopping block rather than my carbs.  But I guess after 8 servings of fruits and veggis, 2 servings of carbs, and one yogurt today, my body just really wanted some protein.  Fortunately, we had baked chicken in the oven.  This was one of the recipes from my new cook book.  I really didn't want to cook dinner tonight, but seeing as not making dinner often leads to eating out, I decided to suck it up and cook the darn chicken.  Now, I'm glad I did because it looked pretty, tasted pretty good, and there's enough for tomorrow night's dinner.  Win!

Slightly ominous though is that while I noticed that true hunger has quieted down, my mind is picking up the wanting for other things, especially sugar.  My mind is beginning to turn around the thought of inappropriate foods like a vulture circling it's prey.  I know from prior experience that these sensations will only increase as time goes on.  My body is satisfied, if not full, from healthful foods.  It doesn't need anything else.  But my mind wants it.  I finally gave in to a small piece of dark chocolate since I still had some food points left at the end of the day, but this is going to be an ongoing challenge for me, I can tell.

And speaking of challenges, I went to the doctor today to on a routine visit to keep my blood pressure in check--another good reason to lose weight--and she reminded me that I need to cut down on salt.  I couldn't help but inwardly sigh a bit.  Take away the sugar, the fat, AND the salt--what's left??? And yes, I know, there's herbs, horseradish, salsa, chile sauce, and mustard to season food, but I think I need to develop new taste buds!

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