Sunday, January 9, 2011

W1, Day 6; Green Soup

Today we went to the grocery store and I stocked our fridge with all the basic necessities and a whole lot of produce as well.  I've found it's always easier to stay on track when there are several options in the fridge than when it is empty.  An empty fridge pretty much equals eating out for us.  I picked four recipes to try this week, the first one being a vegetable soup for lunch.  It was.....interesting.  It looked like every school child's worst cafeteria nightmare.  It looked like I had taken the Jolly Green Giant and run him through the food processor.  It looked bright green with lumps and bumps.  Yum, eh?  I can tell you're just salivating in envy at the thought.  But, it tasted all right--pretty okay, actually, and while texturally it was a bit different, I might actually try making it again.  Here's a picture, though it doesn't actually do the color justice since it looks bright green in person.

Tomorrow is the last day of this week and on Tuesday I'm going to my first Weight Watchers meeting here in town (we moved this autumn).  I'm actually quite nervous, scared even.  It's ridiculous.  One might be afraid of charging lions, car accidents, earthquakes, global warming--and I'm scared to go to a simple meeting.  I've attended Weight Watchers off and on for the last three years so I know the meetings are valuable and help you to stay on track.  It's not the discussing weight issues with other people, it's that it means change.  Eeeeeek!  Change!  Oh heavens!

A couple of months ago Weight Watchers drastically changed their points program around, moving the focus away from calories (which I was a pro at counting) to carbohydrates and protein.  Under the old set up, I could pick up pretty much any item at the grocery store, glance at it's nutrition label, and know how it fit in (or didn't) in my daily/weekly plan.  Now you have to use a calculator to input the components to figure it out.  The foods that I like to eat (in moderation) like rice, potatoes, yogurt, granola bars all cost more daily points than they used to, in some cases by a lot.  Balancing this, fruits are now free foods (foods that don't cost points), which is wonderful since it encourages me to eat more fruit, but it also means I have to let go of some carbs during the day too.  Huh.  I realize that someone might be out there scratching their head at this point in a confused, "So what?" so I can sum it up this way:  I know a certain system very well and it has worked for me in the past.  Learning a new and different system of eating sounds simple to most people, but it is intimidating to me.  It means relearning what I know and a period of transition.  But hey, I am looking for ways and reasons why this time things are going to be different.  I have to break away from the loss and gain train--maybe this is my stop?


  1. When I was pregnant I had Gestational Diabetes. And the first thing they told me I was not allowed to eat fruit in the morning because the sugar in it would raise my blood sugar up? and I always thought it was a free food as well. so then I had to only incorporate fruit I think twice a day. And start my morning with strictly protein. I actually lost 15 pounds when I was pregnant bc of the new diet I had to intake. So maybe that is where they are getting it from.. But again Thank You so much for you blog I am really enjoying reading it.And I'm so happy for you!

  2. I think the idea is that they want you to fill up on vegetables and fruit because they are high in fiber and are "filling foods" that keep you feeling more full, as opposed to say, a serving of rice or pasta.