Monday, March 7, 2011

W9, Day 7; Cost Plus

Yesterday we went to Cost Plus to look at some odds and ends for our house and inevitably, I ended up perusing the snack foods.   With all those tasty things just sitting around on shelves, lonely and in need of some lovin's (in my belly), it was a difficult trip.  In the end I bought a teapot and some loose leaf tea (pretty harmless purchase), one small bag on mini cookies, and a bar of gourmet chocolate (duly and properly broken up into sadly smaller and more responsible portions).  The biggest temptation was the majorly delicious, sinfully good shortbread cookies.  Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.  That's an "Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm" out of memory, not out of Sunday's experience.  My favorite brand is Walkers and while I didn't buy any, I admit to standing there and looking at the shelf with longing.  I must have looked a bit like a crazy lady as I stood there drooling.  :)  Sweets are the biggest temptations of any foods for me, (though french bread, cheese, and wine are not far behind).  

I have been munching on those cookies a bit in the last couple days, but they are so small that each cookie is worth only 1/2 point, so it didn't do much damage (I hope!).  We'll see tomorrow!  And if the weigh in goes badly, well then, at least I have cookies to soothe myself with (I'm kidding, kidding, I swear!!!  Okay, mostly kidding!)  On we go!

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