Saturday, March 12, 2011

W10, Day 5; Who needs the gym?

Today, we spent the day working in the backyard.  As stated in a previous post, our backyard was a jungle.  It's just been so much work trying to put it into decent condition.  Perhaps because of those two pounds this week (which is starting to level out this morning on the scale), I was super determined to work my body hard.  One might not think that yard work is all that hard work, but I was chopping, pulling, shoveling, yanking, weeding, etc. for hours.

At one point, I was working so hard I was panting.  Later in the afternoon I thought I was going to throw up, but I pushed through it and held it down.  I was just determined to finish the various yard projects I was working on.  My goal is to have my backyard be done by the summer so that we can go out and enjoy it.  We worked for hours and I am so wiped out.  I am worried about how sore I am going to be tomorrow because I'm already feeling the ache in my arms and shoulders.  Guess I'd better keep the Motrin handy!  But overall, despite the pain, I feel really good about our work today both because I did so much exercise and because the yard is coming along.  Onwards!

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