Saturday, March 5, 2011

W9, Day 5; Clothing Tornado

Today I finally confronted one of my big reluctances....I measured my parts.  I needed to know exactly how far it'll take that tape measure to get around my body...maybe I should have tied a couple of tape measures together??  Well, no, not quite, but still, it wasn't good.  I was feeling pretty down after comparing today's measurements to my old ones.  Ah well, one step at a time, right?

So, to cheer my self up, I decided to see if I could shop in my own closet.  I took out every piece of clothing I own: from the closet, under the bed, in my dresser, boxed up, etc. and laid them in heaps upon the bed and floor.  I took everything except the clothes I am already currently wearing on a day to day basis and tried them on piece by piece.  From this, I separated them into piles:  "It's gonna be a LONG time till I can wear this," "Oooh, ooh, I can almost wear this," "I think maybe I can wear this now (my favorite category)," "This is too big (huzzah)" and "Why do I even own this???". There were clothes everywhere, just everywhere, as if a clothing tornado had ripped through our bedroom and even down the hall.

The really exciting thing is that there were several things that I tried on that fit me again.  It's so much more fun shopping in my own closet and finding things fitting because not only is it way cheaper, but I have an emotional attachment to the clothes and to fitting into them again.  I pulled out three pairs of work pants, several shirts, and a skirt that I can wear cool is that?!  :)  I also retired a couple of pairs of pants and several shirts.  I may not see progress in my body or in its measurements, but at least my clothes are starting to fit again.  Not to be pessimistic, but this time I boxed up my big clothes instead of giving them away--I don't ever want to fit into them again, but last time I got rid of them, I unfortunately ended up needing them again and was up a creek without a paddle.  Hopefully though, with discipline, I'll never need them again.


  1. Maybe you can use those "big clothes" as something to keep you on track: when you are having trouble sticking to your plan or lusting after dessert or something, take a look at a piece of clothing that you are now too small for to remind yourself of the consequences of that extra food-love. Then you can also feel good about yourself for how well you've done and be proud that this box full of clothes don't fit - in a good way!

    - chelsea

  2. Yeah, I had that thought too so I saved a pair of pants from the first time I started losing weight, size 22, and I do try them on from time to time as a strong reminder.