Tuesday, March 8, 2011

W10, Day 1; Poor Math

Weigh Day!  The exclamation point is to emphasize my excitement with the scale this morning. 212.0.  Not bad.  (Well, I mean, it's obviously bad, but not a bad loss for the week.)  I was very sad to realize that I had done a faulty job with my math in previous weeks and I actually have 62 pounds to go to get to my goal of 150.  Bummer, especially since I was getting pretty excited about having less than 60 pounds to go.  Ah well.  So, at 212.0 that puts me at -17.0 pounds in the last 9 weeks.  Not bad.

After work today I really wanted a snack, but I didn't want to spend the points.  What to do?  My husband and I went outside and worked in the backyard.  A couple of blisters and an hour and a half later, I felt pretty good about myself.  It was pleasant outside and I enjoy creating order (though I'd prefer the yard needed a bit less order) and while I meant to spend just a few minutes outdoors, the time flew by.

Tomorrow I'm going to bust into my weekly allowance points, I'm admitting it now.  My husband has wanted to try out a local Vietnamese restaurant.  We're going to have a date night.  :)  Again, one side of me has to wonder, why does food always equate with love for us?  But eating out is fun and I'm looking forward to going out with my husband.  I'll try to choose wisely.

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