Friday, March 11, 2011

W10, Day 4; Meh...

Yesterday I was going to post an entry, but I was just so exhausted that I simply gave up, took some Benedryl (I've been having trouble sleeping lately), and went to bed early.  A full night's sleep helped me get through the day with a bit more gusto, but I still don't feel quite at my best.

Adding to that is the angst of the scale this week.  Perhaps that's part of why I was reluctant to write the last couple evenings.  On the positive, I had a nice dinner with my husband on Wednesday night.  Apparently too nice.  Okay, here's the food down low:  rice, beef, cucumber, two eggrolls, and a shared piece of cake.  Not too good, but not exactly horrible either.  Or so I thought.  Until I got on the scale the next morning at it showed a two pound gain.  My foggy morning brain, "No.  That can't be right.  I'll try again."  Two pounds.

My thoughts, "Maybe water weight?  Maybe it'll pass through in a day or two?  Two pounds!  That can't be--for one dinner??!!"  Unfortunately for me, that two pounds seems to be sticking around since I carried it into today as well.  Odd that eating that one meal should affect me so much--I didn't feel that I did that badly and it was little to what I've had in previous weeks' bonus points meals (pizza, burgers, etc.) and still lost weight.  I know it's about time for a small gain as this has happened in previous WW attempts as well, but it's hard to accept.  But it feels unfair too.  Ah well, it's probably a waste of time to agonize about a small gain to my waist.  But phooey.

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