Tuesday, February 1, 2011

W5, Day 1; Weigh-in!

Success!  Today was the weekly weigh-in and I'm at 219.0, which puts me at -10.0 with 65 pounds to go.  Somehow with a solid 10 pounds behind me, the rest of the weight doesn't seem too far away.  It's sort of crazy that a week ago I was bemoaning a 0.6 pound loss and then the next week I lose 2.2 pounds when I was doing the same things.  To be honest, it makes the whole weight loss process seem incomprehensible to me, almost mystical.  All I can do is plow ahead with the things I am doing--eating lots of fruits and vegetables, eating small portions of everything else, giving myself the very occasional treat, and taking my multi-vitamin.  I'd like to commit to drink more water this week too because I'm not doing nearly enough of that.  Oh, and I suppose, if I have to....some more exercise would be good....

So, moving off of the positive note for a moment, I have to make a confession.  No, I didn't scarf down half a cake or anything, but I did decide to skip the WW meeting tonight--after not going last week either.  I did pop in to weigh, but I really didn't even want to do that.  After whining about it to my long-suffering husband, he offered to drive me to the weigh-in, which is just about the only reason I went at all.  Why?  I don't know.  I have excuses (I don't like the leader, the topics seem unhelpful, the questions/answers are for beginners, it's cold....blah, blah, blah), but I need to do better to pull it together and get myself motivated to get there and make it happen.  Next week.

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