Tuesday, February 8, 2011

W6, Day 1; Comparables

Hit the scale today (figuratively, not literally) and weighed in at 218.2, for a 0.8 loss this week and a 10.8 total.  Though my goal is to shoot for 1 pound a week, that's a lot better than I thought it would be.  Further, even though this next week is going to be tricky with a weekend with my in-laws and Valentine's Day (what better way to celebrate one's love than with food?), I feel like I'm in a better mental place than last week.  I'm still struggling with not being able to eat the things my body craves and I sure miss the carbs that used to be part of my daily food routine, I'm still moving forward.

Some days it feels a bit like having sandbags tied to my feet and I'm slogging my way through, but at least it's slogging in the right direction.  I also try to give myself little visual reminders about my progress.  Long ago, when I'd lost 40 pounds before my wedding, my old WW leader told me to go pick up a big bag of dog food (it was hard for me to lift) and she told me, "See? That's what you carried around with you every day."  I was just floored at the thought.  Although, alas, I gained half that weight back, I never forgot the bag of dog food and the idea of carrying that weight with me on my body.  Now that I've lost ten pounds, I measure in small items.  I can say I've lost a small bag of cat food, a couple of 2 L bottles of soda, or a gallon of milk and feel good about my efforts.  Maybe next week I'll get to having lost about twelve bags of coffee beans?

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