Thursday, February 17, 2011

W7, Day 3;

 Today I yearned for a glass of wine (a few glasses of wine would be even better).  I guess I have been feeling run down all week, worn thin.  Too bad being 'worn thin' isn't the same as 'being thin'!  I'm envisioning a bubble bath this weekend, maybe some classical music in the background, a glass of wine, a fire going.  *Sigh* Sounds so good.  I just need to get through tomorrow.  Normally when I feel this way, I would turn to food for comfort.  Some fast food, or cake, or get the idea.  I get joy out of food.  The thought of food.  The anticipation of food.  The sensation of food.  The warm afterglow after it's been consumed.  Most days I can go by without thinking about the empty feeling inside me, the lacking of something critical in myself, the desire for more, but when I am feeling down or tired, it's so much harder.  I feel like I am lacking my comfort system.

I got this in the mail today and it made me smile (in a "Uh-oh, busted!" kind of way).
It's a postcard from the WW leader saying, "We've missed you! Come back and be a star!" I have to hand it to them, it did make me laugh guiltily and feel warmed all at once.  I did not attend the meetings the last two weeks, checking in and recording weights online instead with their online tools.  Maybe I should head back to the meeting next week....

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