Monday, February 14, 2011

W6, Day 7; Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone out there.  I love Valentine's Day.  I love the flowers, the balloons, the hugs and kisses, the romance and the cheese of it all....and the sweets.  Okay, well actually, I don't love those so much.  Or I do... and that's the problem.  Somehow, like all holidays, food became entangled in the festiveness of the whole shebang.  We usually eat at home on Valentine's Day simply because I don't like the crowds, but we make a point of taking some special little touches with the meal.  We kept things healthy: a little bit of steak and onions, sweet potato fries, and some asparagus, and while this was healthy, I found myself missing some wine, or champagne, or a big piece of chocolate cake.  Not that we didn't have chocolate laying around:

These are the true obstacles of Valentine's Day.  Small, sweet gifts from others that show love and a giving spirit, but I admit to finding the gifts of chocolate challenging.  It's difficult for me to resist it when it is sitting on my counter.  Last year I just threw it all away, but I felt so terrible to squander the gifts of others.  Is it wrong to throw them away?  The thing is, the chocolate is bad for me.  Not just because it's full of fat and sugar, but because it's like a gateway drug to sliding back into old binging behaviors.  I can't eat just one.  I can eat one dozen.  I can eat one box.  But one single chocolate is so terribly difficult.

Yet I feel such intense guilt to waste it all.  People showed their love by giving me treats, but maybe they'd love me enough to understand my need to be healthy too.  Anyone want some chocolate?  :)

(On another note, weigh day tomorrow.  I didn't stick to my plan well the last couple days...there were a lot of splurges, but I'm still feeling hopeful.  We'll see.)


  1. Drop them off unopened at the local women's shelter.