Sunday, February 27, 2011

W8, Day 5; Sunny Outing

We visited Tilden Park today in Berkeley.  We tracked a whole lot of mud on our shoes and saw a plethora of greenery.  We also meandered through the botanical garden in the park, which was absolutely lovely.  Even though I am very out of shape, I enjoy plodding along on trails and taking in the plants, the sun, and the fresh air.  I am so slow going uphill, but I crawl my way steadily upward and I feel good.  After awhile, my hip started hurting (as it often does going uphill), but I reminded myself that each step is a little effort, and my body is just a little stronger.  And interestingly, walking the trails also makes me feel mentally stronger, happier.  There's just something about the air, the sun, a cool breeze, the bright leaves that lifts the spirit and makes the heart warm.  I even stole a few kisses from my loving husband, inspired by the joy of feeling fresh and bright.  Thanks, Nature, we should get out more often.  :)

That said, the weekend food situation didn't go well, as usual when we are out visiting folks, but oh well, I feel well satisfied with this weekend.  The only thing that would have made it better (besides an instant-painless-free-liposuction machine) would have been more chocolate.  Hope others out there got outside for some fun and sunshine too.

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