Tuesday, February 15, 2011

W7, Day 1; Three more down

Weigh day today:  215.2, which puts me at -13.8 pounds total and 61.2 pounds away from my goal.  My thoughts are contradictory.  The first thing that popped into my head seeing those numbers is that 61.2 pounds seems so very far away.  My second thought was that I lost exactly three pounds this week and somehow that seems like a lot...too much?  I didn't do anything special this week.  If anything, I ate several things this weekend that I shouldn't have (I'd like to sweep the list under the rug, but included in that list would be a large muffin, peanuts, pizza, half of an ice-cream bar dipped in fudge and nuts from Costco, dan ta, and yes, a cupcake).  True, I didn't eat the quantity of these things that I might have wanted, but still, they're not exactly health foods.  So, I find it strange that I lost three pounds.  Maybe some of it is from last week since I didn't lose much after a over-the-top food weekend, but it is still sort of strange.  I know, I know, stop complaining and be happy, right?

I have been feeling more hungry lately, though I sort of interpreted that as resulting from all the changes in my routine these last couple days.  I've also been really tired.  In fact, I brought home work to do tonight because it needs to get done, but I think I'll head to bed a bit early.  There's been a cold going around at work and while that's one way to lose weight, I'd rather stick to the usual way since it seems to be working.  This week I'd like to commit to doing a better job sticking to my food plan on the weekend and recording all my daily foods (I didn't record this weekend).  And with that, g'night!

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