Friday, February 25, 2011

W8, Day 4; Thank you

As I'm sitting here on the couch watching a light and fluffy movie, my tummy is full of grapes.  After dinner I was feeling empty, though not hungry, and unsatisfied.  I made it though the day all right, despite forgetting my lunch this morning.  Okay, well, I'll admit, since I didn't have any time to go and buy something for lunch (working lunch today), I had a granola bar, an apple, and half a donut.   Okay, okay, you might be thinking, "What a minute, didn't she say she regretted that donut last week?" but c'mon, I had to have something to eat and they were there for Friday Treats.  All right, excuses, sort of.  I thought I'd be really hungry after work and I planned to hit my food points when I got home, but actually I wasn't really any hungrier than usual.  I skipped the large snack I had planned and had some popcorn instead.  I feel pretty good about that actually.

Lately I've been looking through my food log from last year.  Last year, I started doing WW again on the exact same week at the exact same start weight (a bit weird, eh?).  I've been following the week to week losses and am slightly ahead of where I was last year at this time.  Then my notebook goes blank for a week.  It picks up again for a few weeks of tracking, and then I didn't mark again for a couple more weeks, which means I didn't do WW for that time.  It is so easy to lose track of a day, to fall off that wagon, and while you might think it's just a day lost and you move on from there, it can be easy to temporarily give up out of angst, frustration at slow progress, and hunger.  What started as a day turns into a week.  I have goals that I think about every day, all day long, so how on Earth is it so easy to let negative feelings and old behaviors pop up and get in the way?

But I also have to say, I think something is different this time around.  My goals are the same.  Last year, I went to the weekly meetings, this time I don't.  I still record and track my foods almost every day.  My progress is continuing at the same rate.  My body looks the same (unfortunately).  But I feel different.  I can't imagine not staying on track next week.  Why?  Because of this blog.  I'm getting more out of writing this little blog a few times a week than months worth of meetings.  I feel accountable to not only myself, but to whoever out there might be reading.  So thank you.  I want to thank everyone for their support and good wishes....and simply for reading because it's making a difference for me.  My thanks.

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  1. Yay for blogging! I'm glad you are getting lots out of it - I'm rooting for you and find myself looking forward to hearing about your progress in your updates. It's also encouraging me to keep my mind on my weight and exercise goals, so you should know that you are helping at least one of your readers as well!

    - chelsea