Thursday, February 3, 2011

W5, Day 3; Luncheon Limbo

I felt really pleased with my weigh-day and it has given me a push the last couple days to want to keep things together and continue moving in the right direction.  However this week is going to give me a couple distinct and as of yet, unfaced challenges:

1)  Tomorrow there is a potluck luncheon at school.  Yikes!  I keep my lunches small and simple.  This is like the Friday treats dilemma (to eat, or not to eat, that is the question....), but magnified times ten.  To be honest, I'm terrified.  Have been all week since it registered on Monday that it was coming up.  At first I thought, well, okay, I just need to eat like a normal person.  But that's not true.  I need to eat less, way less.  Or at least I need to eat less of the offered foods--hot dogs, nachos, etc.  And that is so hard, seeing other people take what I want but can't take.  I've been rehearsing all week ("You'll just take a little bit of chili and some salad and/or fruit" "You'll just take a little bit of....")  But I'm so wound up with food angst that it's ridiculous.

2)  This weekend we are going to a party and a visit to the in-laws.  It's always way more challenging to stick to a food plan when you are not in control of the foods offered you.  I know that I can fall back on the allowance food points if necessary, but I'm hoping there'll be things I can eat.  I'm considering taking a bag with me to the party with some cut up fruit and vegetables so that I know I'll have things I can snack on if there's lots of munching going on, but I also don't want to look weird or stand out in a bad way.  I don't want people to look at me and think, "What the heck is that woman doing eating out of her purse???" I guess I just don't want to be a freak or anything.  *Sigh*  This is crazy--parties are fun, right?!  I should be more excited.  Maybe if I do well tomorrow, I'll feel more confident heading into the weekend.


  1. Can you prepare and bring a dish to either of these events? That way you can eat from yours and know it is good for you and fits your meal plan, while not feeling weird about eating from a bag of veggies.

    - chelsea

  2. In theory (and with better planning) I could have brought something else to the potluck (I'm bringing chili I can eat), but I feel a bit weird about bringing the food to the party since it's someone's birthday and their menu. I don't know exactly why I feel uncomfortable asking them, but I don't know them well, so I really don't want to.

  3. Thinking about the party, maybe I'll just take lots and lots of gum with me--socially acceptable--and a semi-viable alternative to snacking.