Saturday, April 23, 2011

W16, Day 5: Love and Ice-Cream

Today we spent our usual Saturday afternoon working in the yard.  We were so hungry afterwards and there was nothing in the fridge (always a bad combination), so we went out for chicken udon.  It's a relatively healthy choice when eating out and I even gave half the noodles in the bowl to my husband.  Afterwards though, I suggested getting a scoop of ice-cream.  I had been craving ice-cream for awhile and it just seemed so fun:  going out to dinner with my husband, window shopping...getting ice-cream seemed like a next logical step.

Again, I wonder at the relationship between the expression of love and food.  I felt great joy at being in the ice-cream shop with my husband.  I was literally bouncing around, glancing from flavor to flavor, eager as a pre-schooler. I actually sampled a couple flavors (something I never do since I almost always pick strawberry) before picking a different flavor.  So good.  I felt so much joy as I slowly licked my cone.  I know, not healthy, but I don't eat ice-cream often and it just felt worth it.  I'm worried about Easter tomorrow and I don't want to gain weight this week--or even stay the same again--but it may happen.  I still have to go with that ice-cream cone as being worth it, though at the same time, it still concerns me that food makes me so happy.  A date with my husband is lovely, but add something tasty and it's wonderful.   Yet, we're still the same people, the feelings and understandings between us are the same, but food enhances life somehow.  I've got to learn to enjoy life first and food second.

In the meantime, here's me enjoying my ice cream:

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