Tuesday, April 12, 2011

W15, Day 1: Here it comes again

Yup, Tuesday, Weigh Day.  So, on day one of week fifteen, I'm at 208.4, which makes me down 1.6 and puts me at -20.6 pounds total, with 58.4 to go.  Ugh, 58.4 seems like a long way, but at least that number is under 60 pounds.  And of course, I am getting closer to the 207 mark.  My personal weight goals are completely idiosyncratic, but my goal after that number is 203.  I've noticed that there are certain weights that my body seems to rest on for some period of time.  It's almost as if my body feels most comfortable at particular, random weights.  Is that possible?  Maybe I'm just imagining it, but I've noticed that my body gravitates around 203, in a comfortable orbit within a few ounces of the number.

After 203, my next goals are simple:  200, followed by 199.  There is something profound about stepping on the scale and seeing that first number register as a one, to be on the one hundred side of things instead of the two.  Beyond that, I'm shooting for 190, the lowest I ever reached since joining WW and the lowest weight I'd been since high school.  It all seems like such a long way away.  But, as I'm fifteen weeks into this project and I've no intention of stopping yet, all I can do is put my head down and keep on trudging onward, pausing occasionally for a cupcake.  (Well, nobody's perfect, right?)

But for today, being down 1.6 pounds this week is a small matter for rejoicing in and of itself.  Sometimes I forget that I need to stop and enjoy the little triumphs....and try not to celebrate too freely with the cupcakes.  So, with my bottle of water held high in the air, a toast to the little things!

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