Sunday, April 10, 2011

W14, Day 6: Food Rewards

I love to reward myself with food.  Little rewards for a day well done.  Or a day poorly done, to cheer me up.  Or a tiring day.  Or a wonderful day, leaving me brimming with positivity and optimism.  Obviously, I like to reward myself with food regardless of the day.

My favorite reward?  Candy.  Hands down, that's my number one preferred thing.
I thought this picture a fitting visual.  It's just so true for me (and probably other people out there too?).  I could easily eat candy every day.  In fact, I would love to eat candy everyday because I get a feeling of deep satisfaction and even relief from rewarding myself that way.  Sadly, that's not really a healthy, daily option.  Throughout the years of doing WW, I've found some food and drinks that are suitable replacements as reward foods, but I thought perhaps in this post, I'd ask the audience if anyone else has any foods that they really enjoy that are low in calories or fat.  Reward foods need not be anything especially special or exotic, but simply foods or drinks that bring you a momentary smile or pleasured sigh, a brief moment of satisfaction or joy.

 For instance, my reward foods are:
*Snapple's diet peach or raspberry tea
*fruit salad (fruit of most any kind...)
*a cup of strong, plain coffee (I don't drink coffee often, so it's a bit of a treat)
*A light frappuccino
*low fat chocolate biscotti
*Go Girl drinks
*Cool whip and jello
*A slice of angel food cake

I'd really like to know what your favorite treats or snacks are.  Do you have something that you come home and sink into with sigh or a grin of delight?


  1. I'm not very good at choosing low-fat, low-calorie reward snacks, but when I do manage it, I like:
    air popped popcorn with black pepper and garlic salt,
    pea crisps,
    100 calorie jello mousse cups (so silky and delicious!)

    - chelsea

  2. For me, its always an Izze drink.
    I love...well, pretty much ALL the flavors (but especially grapefruit). I find them completely refreshing, but also appreciate the fact that each bottle contains TWO full servings of fruit. They're generally 120-ish calories, 0 fat. And that's the full-strength version. They also have a line called Izze-esque that they refer to as their "low calorie" drink.

  3. Taking a moment to post people's food suggestions from the Facebook side of things:

    *hard boiled egg whites with salt and pepper
    *Sensible freeze dried fruits and veggis (brand name is 'Sensible')
    *Seasoned broad beans
    *rice crispy treats
    *breakfast cereal
    *celery sticks
    *carrots cut into chip shapes

    ...and I'd like to add a handful of pretzels, string cheese, or light mini Babybel cheeses.

  4. Some suggestions from my awesome mom:
    rice cakes-the sweet caramel flavored ones
    *vanilla yogurt with strawberries
    *graham crackers with a smidgen of PB
    *cottage cheese with pineapple
    *a few walnuts or almonds
    *two spearmint candies
    *beef jerky (but it does have a lot of salt
    *Mother's oatmeal cookies