Monday, April 4, 2011

W13, Day 7: DMV

This morning I grabbed my book, jumped in the car, and headed down to our local DMV to get a license renewal.  I needed to take a new picture this time and take a vision test.  I will admit that I spent some time before I went sprucing myself up.  It's vanity, I know, but I didn't want to take an awful picture.  My previous picture shows me at 17 years old wearing an old t-shirt with a rather silly, awed smile on my face.  My seventeen year old self was so surprised that I had passed the driving test the first time (I absolutely expected to fail it the first time) that I was in a daze as the woman behind the counter directed me to the picture screen. Not this time!  So, I gussied up with make-up and a hair toss or two, feeling that I'm entering my 30's now and the picture should represent a more adult looking me.

So, here's a question for you out there in the audience.  I think my husband and I were both surprised to find that we disagree on the answer.  Is it okay to fudge the part on the driver's license that asks for your weight?  I don't mean, I'm 210 pounds so I say I'm 115.  But I guess I'm still ashamed of my weight.  It's silly in a way that I am comfortable sharing that number on a website for the world to see, and not be comfortable with the random check-out guy at Best Buy seeing it when I hand him my license to buy a dvd (not that anyone looks or cares about a customer's weight in a retail store).  What's the difference, right?

Anyway, my old license weight said 145 pounds (which was about 25-30 pounds untrue when I got the card), so obviously that needed to be updated.  But to what?  I'm losing weight, so I don't want to write down 210.  200?  What about 190 (my lowest weight in recent years)?  What about my goal to get to 150? 175?  It's not like I'm going to get a new license when I get to a goal weight, I don't want it to misrepresent me--after the loss, of course.  So, I settled for an obvious untruth--185...A high enough number because I'll never be really thin, but low enough to salvage my misplaced pride.  So, that's the explanation in case you're wondering about the poll on the right side of the blog,  I'm just curious about other people's opinions.

Was it wrong of me?  Either way I suppose, it doesn't really matter since it's done, so now I'll just have to work to make it true.  Off to go mow the lawn!  :)

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