Tuesday, April 5, 2011

W14, Day 1: Getting to 207

Yup, it's the day of week again...Tuesday, you wonder?  Well, that too.  But for me, it's weigh day.  Oddly, weigh day is a day I look forward to and dislike at the same time.  It reveals my triumphs and hopes, as well as my disappointments and failures.  Despite a rocky beginning to this week, all the exercise of the last three days has paid off because I weighed in at 210.0, for a total loss of 19 pounds, with only half a million to go.  Progress, eh?  Next week, if I reach 209.0, it will be a marking place both because I'll be weighing in at less than the 210's, and because I'll be at a solid 20 pounds of loss.

I'm also getting closer to my goal of 207 by my birthday, which is good since my birthday is now just less than a month away.  It's hard to explain why it's so important to me to be that number, but I'll try briefly.  First, it's important to note that numbers in and of themselves really mean nothing, but it's the emotional feeling that goes with the number that makes it worth anything.  So, why 207?

1) The first time I reached this number, I felt a brief moment of such joy, feeling proud of my body that I still remember it.

2)  I stayed on that number for several weeks (rough diet patch) that if felt sort of natural to be there.

3)  That was the weight I was on the day my husband proposed to me (I was so nervous I lost two pounds that day, emerging at 205 the next day and kicking me out of that rough diet patch).

4)  That was my weight on the day of our wedding.

207 certainly isn't the lowest weight that I've been since joining WW, but it's a place that I could begin to feel comfortable with....but not too comfortable!  I don't want to get stuck and stop there by any means, but it will feel good to reach my first goal.  That would definitely be a good birthday present, though some dark chocolate pretzels wouldn't go amiss either.  :)

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