Sunday, April 3, 2011

W13, Day 6: Work it Girl!

Another day spent in the garden.  Who needs a gym membership when one can spend hours and hours doing hard physical labor?  And yet there really is something good and true in the feeling of a completely exhausted body--after I've taken a couple Motrin, of course.  I ate more the last couple days that I've been working hard outside because even though I wanted to burn all those calories without eating any of them up, my body felt empty and hungry.  So, I ate them in extra cheese, a bit more oatmeal at breakfast, a larger piece of meat with dinner tonight.  Oddly, I'm hungry again.  Maybe heavy exercise is stimulating my hunger--or maybe my brain is doing it because it knows my body worked more.  In either case, I'm headed to bed so I'll skip the trip to the fridge anyway.

So excited to have the garden starting to take shape.  It makes me feel more positive about everything in my life, including my body.  Ah, spring.

P.S.  I'm starting to see a few curves in my body, though that tummy bunch is still there.  How about them striped slippers and sweater, eh?  Oh yeah, very sexy...

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