Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Week 2, Day 1 Weigh Day

I have been looking forward to this weigh day all week.  This morning I weighed in at 233.4 for a loss of 1.8 pounds.  Not the biggest loss I've ever had in the first week, but still a good loss and I'm happy.  Usually the first week I start I lose three or four pounds, but from my experiences this first week, I can tell there are going to be some new challenges to overcome.

1)  I'm much more sedentary at home than at work.  I got more calories to play with just by going to work since I used to be on my feet all day.  Though I do spend time walking around holding the baby, it's not nearly the same activity level.  You might think, "Well, why don't you move more?" That leads me to the next challenge.

2)  I'm tired.  On most nights, baby is doing a pretty good job of sleeping and my husband gets up with him too, but I wake up constantly through the night at every little squeak, sniffle, and complaining squawk and cry (he doesn't like sleeping alone).  It's much better than the first month, yet I'm still pooped most days and when I'm tired, I want to eat and eat and eat just for comfort.  Instead I've been drinking sugar free liquids like flavored water and tea all day.

3)  My stomach hurts.  This may actually end up helping my weight loss because it hurts sometimes after I eat and I get a wave of strong nausea.  If it continues I'll check in with my doctor, but in the meantime, sometimes it's hard for me to tell when I feel ill or just hungry.  It's definitely distracting.  In the meantime, eating healthy foods like oatmeal and fruits and veggis seem to help, so I've been sticking to low fat foods.

4)  I'm lacking in gym time.  I know lots of people who are working at weight loss exercise without using those calories, but I would usually eat mine since I'd earned them.  This was often a motivator when I was on the elliptical or jogging because I'd promise myself a fun food reward later.  That way I got in my enjoyable foods while still staying within my calories and keeping nutritious foods in place.  I'm thinking I might be able to sneak out to the gym for at least a little while on the weekends and maybe that would be a good place to start.

5)  I have a lot more time at home.  When I'm at work, time flies by.  I can't eat on the job (except for recess time and lunch), so I don't.  My food times are firmly set.  At home I have many more opportunities to eat and I have plenty of time to think about food.  I've set meal and snack times for myself during to day to help counter this, so I just have to stick with it.

All in all, I'm still feeling positive about reaching my goals, though I think it's going to be more of an uphill battle than in the past.  One week at a time is all I have to focus on though.  One pound a week is doable if I just keep at it.  It took me forty one weeks to put on this weight and it'll probably take as long to take it off and that's okay.  This isn't a race.  I'll dig out my jogging shoes yet, just not today.

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