Sunday, March 24, 2013

W2, Day 5: A Challenge

Today's entry is a challenge to you the reader:  pick one thing or as many things as you can that you like about your body.  What do you think is neat about your body?

I find this challenge difficult at times, so I'll lead the charge and tell you mine first.  I like my eyes, which can be very expressive.  I like the point of my nose.  I like my clavicle bones.  And I'll be too honest with you, I like the shape of my breasts.  I like the scar on the top of my right hand (I don't know why, I guess that's kind of weird).

When you pick your favorite body parts, be sure you are choosing physical parts instead of adjectives about yourself,  abilities, or skills you can do with your body.  (Example, "I can arm wrestle a ninja to the ground," or "I am a kind person," etc.)  These things are wonderful about you, but sometimes they help us avoid thinking about our physical bodies.

So, reader, that's the challenge.  You can comment about what you love about your body, or you can just think it to yourself, but take some time to consider it.  The reason being is that often we don't love our physical selves, and how can we love who we are until we consider what we really love about our bodies?


  1. Great challenge to get us to view our body in a positive way!

    I'll start with a weird one then go to more normal likes. When I was a kid I hated my toes getting touched. It tickled way too much for my mom to cut my toe nails. Consequently, they grew longer and started to curl inward, which made it hard to cut properly. Now after being an adult and taking care of my nails, they've straightened out and can be cut easily. So I'm grateful my toe nails are easier to manage.

    My abs are the second feature I like. Since I was an adolescent to around age 22, my abs were this gaping dent looking at myself in the mirror. Now that I've been eating healthy and cooking more homemade food, I, *gasp* have abs! I get satisfaction seeing the result of planning meals, going grocery shopping, and taking the time to enjoy cooking does pay off.

    Thanks for the thoughtful prompt!

  2. I like my hip bone! I'm not really sure why, but sometimes I just kind of rub it and I think it's an awesome feeling bone. Is that weird? It's totally weird, isn't it? >.>

  3. I love my long tail, my pointy ears, and my whiskers...oh wait, that's my kitty! :)

    Greg, I'm so happy to hear that you are happy with eating well! It sounds like it's fun to see how good you look and feel. We need to have dinner with you guys again soon!

    Mandy, that's not weird, that's just awesome you! I loved my hip bones too when I could feel them--hopefully I'll make their acquaintance again soon. :P It's cool that you have a body part that you regularly think about positively.