Friday, March 29, 2013

W3, Day 3: Brittany, Herself

Recently I've starting reading a blog called Brittany, Herself.  Brittany is a plus sized woman who is proud of her body and doesn't let it define who she is.  Recently she posted pictures of herself in a bikini, which crazily enough caused enough waves that they did a clip about it on Good Morning America.  It's ridiculous that a woman in a bathing suit is a big enough thing to be a news story.  Then she posted a follow up entry on The Huffington Post that I found very interesting because she had to defend her "plus size-ness".  She also wrote to say that she was healthy (and yes, obese people can be healthy; if you're interested, check out the links below), which I believe but other commentors don't.  But of course, there are always haters.  Let’s just ignore them because haters gonna hate.  

I'd like to focus on the first of her statements.  She had to make a case that she truly is obese by showing her scale and weight.  Even after this, I found interesting comments where people were saying the author misrepresented her weight.  Basically, they are saying she’s lying about her weight because she looks too attractive to really weigh 214 pounds.  First off, most overweight people don’t lie and say they weigh more than they do.  Second, how would they know?  Everyone's body is a different shape and proportion.  To the people saying, "I weigh X amount, so you can't weigh that much/little"--that doesn't even make sense.  I may weigh as much as another person and look completely different.  I think their real problem though is the deep societal idea that you can't weigh over two hundred pounds and look attractive, pretty, or heaven forbid, sexy.  Therefore, because she looks like those things, she must be lying and saying she weighs more than she really does.

Okay, here goes:  people over two hundred pounds can be attractive, pretty/handsome, and yes, sexy.  It's hard for some people to wrap their heads around.  I know because I was one of those people.  I topped the two hundred mark in my senior year of high school.  I hated the way I looked and I just knew that no one could ever love me romantically.  It's crazy, but by age eighteen I already absolutely and unshakably knew that no one would want to love me, marry me, and that I'd most likely die a virgin surrounded by cats (I may still end up surrounded by cats).  Thankfully, college age and older folks are a little more mature than high schoolers and eventually I figured out that I could be lovable despite my love handles, but it was still a long road.  Do I still want to weigh less than two hundred pounds?  Yes.  But can I feel good about my body and sexy above that number?  Yes.  As a whole society, we really need to get out of the only thin is beautiful mindset.  Going back to Brittany's blog, I think she looks fabulous in a bikini.  Rock it girl.

Brittany's blog and follow up:

On obesity and health:

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