Tuesday, March 26, 2013

W2, Day 7: Clothes and confidence

I like the show What Not to Wear on TLC.  Each week the hosts take a woman with terrible fashion sense (ex. baggy sweats everyday) and help her dress her body attractively.  All right, maybe it’s shallow and all, but the focus of this blog isn’t terribly deep either.  But the thing I notice about most episodes is how most people feel so much better about themselves when they’re attired in clothing that fits them well.  Even though in the beginning they protest about not needing a change, by the end, they feel much more confident and ready to face the world.  Apparently, clothes really do make the man…or, er, woman.  I also notice that several women on the show don’t know how to dress their bodies because they’ve lost large amounts of weight but still see themselves as they were before.  Some are afraid to go in and try on clothes because they are afraid they won’t fit in anything even though they’re a much smaller size than before.  I guess I understand this fear, but it’s the opposite with me. 

When I’m losing weight, I love shopping because even if I don’t buy anything, the smaller clothes highlight my body changes and the weight loss for me.  Even more fun is shopping within my own closet.  Ever think to yourself, “I have way too many clothes but nothing to wear?”  I do this all the time because I have tons of clothes, but they are in a range of sizes.  I have stuff in everything from a size 14 to size 20.  Much like a bell curve, most of my clothes are in the middle sizes of 16 and 18.  When I’m losing weight, it’s fun to try on my own clothes and see favorite items begin to fit.  The difference this time is that my proportions have changed (my waist is much larger), so my original clothes aren’t fitting, even in the larger sizes.

In light of my new shape, I did go ahead and buy some new items.  I really shouldn’t have because I’m trying to save money with a new baby and I know I won’t be this size forever, but much like on the show, I felt reinvented in clothes that fit me properly. I may be larger, but I feel more confident in clothes that fit me.  It’s wonderful to get out of the baggy maternity stuff.  I also picked tops that I can alter by taking them in under the arms as I lose weight, so I’ll still be able to wear them.  Much of the message of What Not to Wear is to accept and accentuate the body that you have rather than hiding it and longing for something different.  While I’m still going to keep working to change my body, I feel more accepting of my body than I have for a long time.  Those of you who have read my blog in past years might know that this is a big change for me!  It’s almost as if I can accept the changes in my body because I know they were caused by pregnancy.  My mind is giving my body permission to have changed.  It feels odd to be able to accept myself (which is sad in itself), but I’m going to embrace it while the feeling lasts! 

I love this outfit, especially the shoes.  I feel cute.  :)
Not necessarily the best looking outfit, but it feels wonderful to be out of maternity!