Wednesday, July 27, 2011

W30, Day 2: Dessert

I have been dying for some chocolate the last few days.  So much so that my thoughts turned not only towards how tasty some chocolate would be, but also to when the last few times when I ate chocolate, reliving those precious moments, imagining the sweet chewiness of a chocolate pecan turtle.  *Insert drool here*  Anyway, in my random chocolate musings, I recalled a brief scene on our vacation last week that struck me.

One of my favorite places in Half Moon Bay is the Moonside Cafe.  It's a lovely cafe and, almost as good, it's connected to a clean bathroom for customers only (very important after a long drive).  We tend to frequent the cafe when we're in town and on this day, we'd settled down for lunch and an iced-tea.  At the table next to us was a couple and their young son.  He was probably about eight or nine years old and was enjoying a large chocolate brownie (it looked very tasty, just to help you imagine it).  After a while, he asked his mom if he could just save the rest for later because he'd "had enough".  The mom told him, no, that he needed to finish it because it would get stale and besides, they could have M&Ms for dessert since she'd already bought some for after dinner.

Yeah, so, why is this important you may wonder?  I guess it's not really, but it was interesting.  This child had more sense than his mother (or me for that matter) because he knew how to listen to what his body was telling him.  Enough is enough.  You see, enough is rarely enough for me.  If I'm full, I'm still probably likely to keep on eating because it's like the treat will just *poof* go up in smoke if I don't eat every single morsel right there and then.  I know it's ridiculous, but it's the monster inside me named WANT.  Want always desires more, more, more, even when it's not good for the body.  I need to take a lesson from that kid--and I hope that kid doesn't learn the opposite lesson, to eat when the body is already full and no longer desires it. Here's hoping for both of us.

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