Monday, July 18, 2011

W29, Day 1(ish): Weigh Day

I'm weighing in a day early because I'm out of town for the coast for the next few days.  First, the weight:  205.4.  Yay, right?  That's down three pounds since the last weigh in.  I was staying with family last week and apparently it did good things for me.  The funny thing is that I ate quite differently in the family's home than I do at home.  At home, I've been trying to eat more protein and dairy and avoid carbs and extra fat when possible.  Over the week at my family's place, I ate toast with butter, cheese, and handfuls of roasted nuts, and nearly an entire box of cereal.  Yet I lost weight.  I'm not sure what to make of this.  I don't think it was muscle loss because I continued to do my workouts while I was there.  It really is blowing my mind a bit--I ate what I wanted....just less of it.  I ate small portions of foods and I have to say that I really enjoyed those foods, perhaps more than I normally enjoy food.  I was hungry each night by the time we ate dinner, but we ate slowly with time to talk and enjoy each bite.  Maybe there really is a lesson here.

I'm a bit nervous though because my husband and I are enjoying a trip this week.  Trips are always fun, but they mean different food patterns and frequent eating out.  I did pack a cooler with sandwich materials, fruit, healthy snacks, and drinks thinking that if we could eat at least one normal meal a day it will somehow help.  I'm terrified I'll come back home, get on the scale, and find out I'd gained eight pounds.  It sounds crazy--how can anyone gain that much so quickly?--except that it's happened to me more than once before.  Today I ate a normal breakfast, but I had a pastry for lunch, followed up by some chicken breast, a deviled egg, a couple bites of pasta, and two cookies for dinner.  Not exactly great nutrition.  Though really, it's not as horrible as it could be since I almost wavered and went to McDonald's.  I was hungry for dinner and there was a McDonald's and all of a sudden, I really wanted something from there.  I forced myself to stop and envision a hamburger and picture myself eating it and decide if that was truly the thing I wanted or was I craving it simply because I was hungry and it was there?  I decided it was the latter and got in the car in search a healthier dinner.  So see?  It wasn't a great food day, but it could have been worse.

As I was wandering around Half Moon Bay today I saw this book and I thought it sort of applied to me:

The premise of the book is that a boy has a doughnut and everyone and their brother follows him chasing after the pastry.  I would totally be one of those people following along but dang, you know I'd run to the front of the line and take that kid down in a tackle for that doughnut.  The seagulls from Finding Nemo said it best, "MINE!!"*

*Uh, for anyone who doesn't know me, I don't want you to worry about my character.  I wouldn't actually tackle the kid--that would be rude.  I'd ask him politely first.  :)


  1. Just make sure you eat something with protein between 3 and 4 each day. Should save you from the pre-dinner panic! Have fun!

  2. Legs, I can really see the weight loss! Keep posting photos of yourself -- its fun to see the physical transformation since I'm not there to see it in person. You look great!