Tuesday, July 5, 2011

W27, Day 1: Ugh.

Weigh day today.  At 208.4 today, which puts me up 0.6 this week.  So basically, yup, I'm still fat.  And frustrated.  And even though I went to the gym, I also ate a club sandwich, fries, and a gelato today.  Could I have picked a salad instead?  Sure, but why ruin the upward trend, eh?  *Head banging*


  1. I think you should take your previous post as a message your body is sending you: it doesn't want lots of junk foo anymore! Eating all that badness made it actually sick! That's a really powerful message. Seems to me that you have to conquer your brain now, because your body is ready to cooperate. That's probably harder, but maybe a helpful thing to keep in mind?
    Be strong! You can do this! You should know that your determination and the fact that you keep on posting to this blog has helped me too - I've lost 6-7 pounds since you started writing this blog, bringing me ever closer to my goal!

    - chelsea

  2. Thank you Chelsea. I really appreciate the support and congrats losing weight too! :) I'm heartened to know that my blog might help some one else too. Funny, when I started the whole thing, I was thinking more of just trying to create an understanding for people that losing weight is harder than it looks and to try withholding judgement. Basically a 'heavy people are people too' kind of thing, but I didn't anticipate how much support I've gotten from people. Thank you and good work!

    I also agree with you that being sick after behaving in my old food patterns is a sign that I'm not meant to do that anymore. If only my mind got that memo! *Laughs* It's a work in progress.