Sunday, July 10, 2011

W27, Day 6: Bacon anyone?

So I've been waiting to write this post for a while because it's a topic that so many people love:  bacon.  Mmm, that crispy goodness, each blissful bite of well-cooked bacon (none of that undercooked, soggy cafeteria mess).  Turkey bacon is all right and I'm not in love with soy bacon, though it's palatable, but did you know the range of edible bacon products goes much further than that?  Yes, there are some crazy bacon products out there ranging from lampshades to bacon bras (interesting, eh?), but when you really think of bacon, your mental image is probably something like this:

On a recent trip to Cost Plus, I was surprised to notice several interesting bacon products.  Just like the real thing, I probably wouldn't be partaking much of them because they're mostly as or more unhealthy, but it was still interesting.  For instance, have you ever considered bacon syrup?

I suppose maybe some people might like this in pancakes or on eggs, and hey, who wouldn't love a bacon snow cone?  YUM-MY, right?  (Btw, I'm kidding here, I cannot imagine buying bacon syrup!)  But, perhaps more appetizing is Baconnaise?  A mixture of bacon flavor and mayo, this product seems more likely as something I could see myself eating.  Potentially, it could really flavor-up a plain turkey sandwich or a little dollup might go in an egg sandwich.  What do you think?  Potentially gross or goodness?

The next item is something I have tried and I've found people tend to either love it or hate it:  bacon chocolate.  Personally, it tasted extremely nasty.  No danger to my diet there; it tasted like Baco bits stuck in chocolate and had a strange texture.  However, some people love the smoky flavor and feel the chocolate adds another dimension to the bacon.  Uh.  Yuck.  But hey, it does come in both regular and dark chocolate varieties.

The last product seems feasible:  bacon lip balm.  Maybe this could be a big hit with dieters.  Want bacon but can't eat it?  No problem!  There's a no fat solution--just slather this replacement product on your lips.  Or, perhaps it would actually do the opposite?  Maybe all that bacon flavoring would make you begin craving the real thing?  Just in case, maybe I'd better stick with my plain old chap stick.  But hey, if you're one of those folks who crave bacon all the time, there you go.  Problem solved!  

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