Thursday, July 14, 2011

W28, Day 3: Jean Styles

I stopped by Ross today, perusing the racks for hidden treasures among the orange polo shirts and too-sequined blouses.  I had hoped to find a pair of jeans but when I found the plus size section, I found only two types of jeans.  There was one pair of low-rise boot cut jeans.  I almost bought these because they looked good in the legs and rear, but seriously folks?  Low rise?  No one my size should be wearing something that forces half your tummy to hang out--it's just not pretty.  Honestly, I don't like these jeans even on thin women.  It pushes up your stomach creating the dreaded muffin top.  Yuck.  Further, bending over is pretty awkward unless you don't mind the people around you getting a great view of your crack.  For my part, no thank you.  The jeans were brand name and only ten dollars, but they were still over-priced.

In comparison to the remainder of the jeans, however, the low rise pair were a small sin.  Every other pair were skinny jeans.  While there are some people who look good in this style, skintight jeans that contrast your overly rounded thighs down to a narrow point are simply not flattering on overweight people...or I may go so far as to add most people in general.  Yes, there are exceptions, but really, I'm much more a fan of the boot cut jean.  They help to balance out your thighs by widening out a little at the foot.

When I was looking at pictures of jeans online in preparation for this blog entry, I found a gem of a jean. Have you ever considered the bikini jean?  These are perfect if you want a stylin' bikini sewn onto your jeans that you are just dying for the world to see.

Well, now that you've see it, what do you think?  Sexy, eh?  I wonder how on Earth one bends over in these because even though they're tied on, it just looks uncomfortable.  They must be a pain in the ass to wear.  (There should be a joke in there somewhere, but I'll let it go.)  I think you can only find these beauties in Japan or online for around a meager hundred dollars, but that's probably for the best.  Here's another view in case you're still considering:

Yeah, classy.  So, I went for the much more basic boot cut work pant today.  But I was pretty excited because I'm a size 18 and the pants I bought were size 16.  I also tried on two dresses (which I didn't buy) that while not super flattering, actually fit me in a size 16.  And last Saturday I bought a pair of capris at Macy's in the same size.  Oh happy day.  I may not be losing any pounds, but obviously something is happening.  It'll be a long time till I work my way fully into size 16 at all stores, but I'll feeling pretty good.  Maybe I'll invest in a bikini jean....and then again, maybe not.


  1. Wow! Those bikini jeans are just too scary. I guess the girls are trying to compete now with the guys who wear all their jeans down past their hips. Uggh!

    As far as those "low rise" jeans....I couldn't agree more! Only if you are a size 0 could those possibly look good. I have found that Eddie Bauer actually has some really cute jeans with a reasonable rise. You should check out the factory outlet.

    I love reading your blog! Keep up the great work!!

  2. I like the Eddie Bauer outlet too! It was one of the things that made me look forward to living in Vacaville. The ladies' version of the bikini jean is horrible, but the guys' is actually worse. :)

    Thanks for commenting--I LOVE to hear from readers!