Sunday, July 24, 2011

W29, Day 6: Trip Recap

Well, I'm getting back to this entry a little later than I anticipated.  I had started an entry yesterday, but somehow lacked the "umph" to get around to finishing it.  Since we got back from our trip, I've been feeling sort of drained.  Or maybe a bit blue to be home.  It was such a lovely time along the coast.  Half Moon Bay to Santa Cruz to all went by to fast, much like any good trip.  I did try to watch the food aspect of the trip, but I didn't really do well.

I've already written of the first day, but the second day I was craving, craving, craving a cheeseburger.  We ate our packed lunch from home, but for dinner we picked a restaurant that served burgers and the like.  As soon as my order arrived, I realized that it was too much food.  The burger was absolutely huge.  On the bright side, I didn't eat half of it (I cut it in two parts) or all the fries that came with it, but on the negative end of things, I also had two pieces of fried fish off my husband's plate.  Add on some chocolate, cheese, and apple cider that came along at our hotel's wine and cheese hour, and well, it was a bad food day.

The saddest thing is that despite all those calories, the burger honestly wasn't that great.  It didn't have the flavor of a basic In-N-Out burger.  All those calories for not a great pay-out.  Oh well.  I suppose the best course of action would simply have been to not eat it, but that's not a choice I made.  Afterwards I felt so full.  Too full and a little ill.  It's amusing to me now, but I remember that feeling as "normal" from years ago when we used to eat out most nights.  It felt uncomfortable now, but that icky feeling was just the usual after dinner feel of a long time ago.  The next night my husband and I shared an entree, which was a better choice, but it was an unhealthy one of fried shimp and fries on the Santa Cruz wharf.  Add in free breakfasts from the hotel and snacks and other odds and ends and I have a definite weight gain.  I put on a pair of pants on the last morning only to find they were too tight!  Eeek!

I'm also having some trouble getting back into the more normal swing of food things now that we're back at home.  I keep wanting to eat, eat, eat.  It's like I'm fighting myself.  A couple days ago was my husband's birthday so we went out to eat and yesterday we went to a charity dinner, both of which have continued to do bad things to my waistline, I'm sure.  Today I stayed in my food points, but my brain won't let up.  Sweets, sweets, chocolate it begs relentlessly.  Obviously it didn't get the memo that the vacation is over!

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