Monday, May 30, 2011

W21, Day 7: Uh....that doesn't seem right...

We got back yesterday from a lovely trip with friends up the coast.  We had food, and fun, and more I expected some gain.  While I did eat a little fruit in the two days we were gone, I didn't eat any vegetables and I snacked liberally on some 'no-no' foods like Cheez-its, chocolate chip cookies, and yes, some alcohol. I expected that I would gain a pound or two.  Maybe three.  Not good.

So I got home and stepped onto the scale.  When I'd left for the weekend I was at 207.  When I got back two days later I was at 214.  I'd gained 7 pounds in two days!  Is that even possible?  That means I consumed roughly 24,500 calories in just two days!  I honestly didn't/don't think I ate that much, despite overindulging.  The crazy thing is that we didn't even eat out at any restaurants or fast food places.  Today I've been giving my weight time to work itself out in the end (if you get my drift).  Obviously I need to hit up the gym and fast.

Gee, I'm not worried though because I can easily work off those calories with:
*1,400 minutes on the elliptical machine, or
*3,000 minutes of gardening, or
*3,600 minutes of jumping jacks, or
*4,000 minutes of showering (that's a lot of water!), or
*4,000 minutes of sex (Hmm...I don't know why it's weird that sex and showering use the same amount of calories, but it is.)

In any case, I'm not burning much sitting here on the couch, so off I go!

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  1. That doesn't seem right or possible. Maybe your scale is just acting wonky? I wouldn't freak out about it, at least until you see what it says tomorrow. Regardless, though, give yourself a good workout of some kind today so you'll feel accomplished!

    - chelsea