Tuesday, May 24, 2011

W21, Day 1: Weigh Day

Weigh day today: 207.6, -1.2 pounds for the week and a total of -21.4 pounds with 57.6 to go.  I have to say that 57 pounds seems like an awfully long way to go, but I'm happy to see myself getting back on track with having lost weight for the last two weeks in a row.  At times I'm so impatient that I wish the loss was big every week, but I know that 1-2 pounds a week is healthy loss.  And I'm also afraid of having a bunch of loose skin too after it's all done, so a little bit at a time is okay.  

I feel like I'm hitting a plateau in my weight loss though, and I also feel too inactive.  Put those two feelings together and what do you get?  The need for exercise.  Regular, systematic exercise. So my husband and I joined the gym.  Remember what I wrote yesterday?  The gym opens the day before I get out for summer vacation.  Coincidence???  Then today at work I got an unexpected check for a stipend in the amount of $116.  When we went to sign up at the gym, the fees and the first month's bill added up to $114.  Coincidence???  I think not! And I still have enough money to buy a water bottle or two.  Nice.  

I'm a bit nervous to head back to the gym since it's been a couple years.  The last time I joined one I felt so self-conscious at first, but then I realized that everyone is doing their own thing and you just blend into the background of it all.  I'm sure that's how it'll be once I get it figured out at the new place too.  Besides, there's a pool and spa.  Oh yeah....  Feeling the positivity.  :)

Speaking of positivity, here's a random picture of my snapdragons.  They make me smile every time I see them.  :)

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