Wednesday, May 4, 2011

W18; Day 2: A belated weigh day

Yesterday was Weigh Day and I did weigh in, but I failed to update it on the blog because I was out enjoying my birthday with my husband (and food).  However, I'm hesitant to write the weight because it didn't seem right to me.  On Monday night I weighed in at 211.  While discouraging, this seemed appropriate after all the food leading up to my official birthday.  Yesterday morning I got on the scale and it said 207.8.  I got off the scale and go back on again.  And again.  It still stated the same number, but my brain simply won't let me accept that as true, not after all the indulgence.

I've stated repeatedly that I wanted to be at 207 by my birthday, maybe my scale was giving me a birthday gift?  I didn't weigh this morning, but this afternoon it was back up to 210.  At any rate, I'm marking down 207.8 as my official weight for weigh day, but noting my reservations too.  The allergies have been really bad the last few days, maybe I can sneeze the pounds off this week?

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