Tuesday, May 17, 2011

W20, Day 1: Weigh Day

Weigh day today:  208.6.  That puts me down 0.8 for the week, which is the good part of this.  The even better part is that I got back on track this week.  I'm in charge of this runaway train once again.  Awesome.

On the downside, I'm just about where I was more than a month ago.  Not good.  It means I've been bouncing around for weeks like a ping pong ball on a major sugar high.  Well, I rather knew that would happen at this time of year.  Every single May is challenging, but oh well, it's done now.

Here we go!  I'm back and I'm ready to push myself again.  Five months down and I'm moving out of the "I'm-really-tired-of-jonesing-for-a-cupcake-all-the-fricken'-ass-time" stage and into the "Oh-yeah-I-really-maybe-possibly-CAN-do-this" stage.  Oh the confidence, eh?  But really, I just feel stronger and more positive of where I'm headed.

It seems almost crazy to me, but I was actually getting tired of the overindulging this last month.  The last week or two I was tired of the poor eating, but didn't feel like I could go back to my WW lifestyle.  It is always so hard to start again, but now, here we are (the royal 'we').  Let's get this (veggi) party started!

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