Sunday, December 4, 2011

W48, Day 6: Groceries

Okay, so you know it's time to go grocery store when you are almost out of chocolate.  Can't have that!

I was doing pretty well at getting back into a food routine after Thanksgiving up until the weekend.  I was really hungry all the way through Thursday, but by Friday things were starting to get back to normal.  I even made it to the gym four times this week, which isn't perfect, but is better than I've done for the last two weeks.

This weekend we had company and rather than cook, we ate out for the last three days.  Eeek, right?  Add on a rather large quantity of beer and it was an excellent weekend.  In reflection, if we'd had more groceries in the fridge, I might have been more tempted to cook our meals, but an empty refrigerator automatically seems to mean restaurant time.  Does this happen to you?  I try to keep a full fridge most of the time, but we didn't go shopping last week or this weekend.  Scrounging the cupboards is always risky!

Well, back to the routine tomorrow...and maybe the grocery store too!

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