Tuesday, December 20, 2011

W51, Day1: Feeling good

This morning I dragged my sorry butt off the couch (I gave up on sleep around 4:30 a.m. when my Sudafed ran out and watched early morning t.v. for a couple hours) and went to my training session at the gym.  I'd wanted to cancel the appointment, but I forgot to actually do so in time to avoid losing the session.  I hate to waste money so with a black cloud over my head, I pushed myself to go.  And I'm glad I did.

Sure, I had to go with a pocket stuffed full of tissue.  And I only did a ten minute short stint on the treadmill with no elevation (usually I do the uphill mode) instead of my usual 30 minute warm-up before the weight training stuff.  But that's okay, I got there and I moved around a bit and I was feeling pretty good.  When I met with my trainer, I really didn't want to be measured, though she insisted because it's been a couple months.  I was afraid the tape measure would be my enemy since the scale this morning said 195.0, up 0.4 from last week.  Heck, I'm really lucky that it was only that much because I went a bit crazy with chocolate and sweets this weekend in an attempt to self-soothe and provide relief from my cold.  It didn't work, but then it never does, I suppose.  So anyway, I was fine with the scale, but I didn't want to be measured.  But we did and it was okay.

Since the beginning of November, I've lost an inch off my calves, which is pretty cool, and small amounts off of everywhere else, except my upper arms, which is what we worked on today.  I expected to hear negative stuff because the scale hasn't improved, so it was surprising and nice to hear that I'm still thinning out (even in very tiny increments).  That's never happened during a holiday season before.

Honestly, I'm pretty proud of myself so far actually.  Today I worked out with my trainer and pushed myself hard even though I wasn't feeling my best.  I've trimmed down a little.  Even if I have gained a slight amount of weight so far, it's been nothing like the 8-10 pounds I always gain.  I'm doing pretty darn good, if I do say so myself!  :)

This is my most current Christmas picture.  

This is me at Christmas time last year.  

And finally, this was me at Christmas two years ago.  Again, with a kitty (sort of mandatory for most Christmas pictures.)  I can see a difference in my face now because it's a little more narrow towards the chin.  I still love my husband's Snoopy Christmas shirt.  :)

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