Thursday, December 22, 2011

W51, Day 3: Christmas Presents

So last weekend I ordered some Christmas presents for myself.  I know, it's the season of giving, but I wanted to give myself a reward for the progress I've made this year.  Besides, there was a sale--a really, really good sale--at Lands End.  They were offering 60% off their dresses, plus another 40% with an online promotion code.  I bought three dresses for $78, which was an incredible deal since at regular price, I'd only have been able to buy one at that price.  Pretty exciting!

I'm not sure what's with the jazz hands in this picture. I like this dress a lot, though it's a bit loose.  It'd be great for work or any event that requires professional dress.  It's actually sleeveless, but I sort of liked pairing this sweater with it because the dress is a heavy material and it seems odd to have bare arms.   And damn if my legs don't look pretty good in it too.  :)

This dress is a bit more form fitting, though it's hard to see it in this picture.  I like it, although I feel a little self-conscious because it hugs my waist a bit.  I like that the skirt flares out a bit though.  And apparently my kitty likes it too since he came over to visit.  Maybe he just wanted to be in the picture  :)

Lastly, I bought this one.  I'm holding the straps because I need to shorten the top by a couple inches, or I'm in danger of a wardrobe malfunction.  It also needs a good ironing, but you can see the shape of the dress and get the general idea.  I was going to order this dress in black, but at the last moment I switched to purple and I think I like this color better.   Maybe I could fill in for a sugar plum fairy if there's a vacancy on Christmas Eve.


  1. Nice! Looking sexy there, rawr~ :D

  2. You look fabulous. The purple is especially stunning. (What can I say, I'm partial to purple...)