Tuesday, December 13, 2011

W50, Day 1: Middle of the Road

Week 50?!  How the heck has fifty weeks gone by?  Well, weigh day was fine today at 194.6, putting me at -1.4 for the week.  I'm definitely glad for the loss and pleased it's more than a pound, especially after I regained a bit over the weekend with some crazy eating out.  Looking back at previous entries, it's a little vexing to note that I weighed in at 194.0 on November 1st.  That means that for the last month and a half I really haven't made any progress.

I'm not sure why the holiday season (for us defined as the time from the weekend before Thanksgiving through our wedding anniversary, January 3rd) always leads to so much gain.  Maybe it's just easier to blame gain on the holidays than on lax self control and poor eating behavior.  In any case, I'll restate my goal for myself:  this holiday season, instead of driving myself crazy trying to lose weight or losing all control and just going food crazy, I'm just going to try to maintain my weight at about 194 pounds.  No major losses to try to reach, no absolutely crazy behavior leading to massive gains.  I guess I just want to shoot for the middle of the road.  We'll see how it goes as we get nearer to Christmas.

I'm still hoping that the key to my food sanity this year is two doable objectives:  maintain weight and keep exercising.  So let's trim that tree, deck those halls, and do a solid jog on the treadmill too.  :)

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