Saturday, December 10, 2011

W49, Day 5: Jeans!

Yesterday I stopped by Kohl's intending to run in for one small thing.  In the usual way of such ventures, however, I lingered in the women's clothing section, idling browsing the shelves and racks when I came across the jeans section, my own personal no man's (woman's!) land.  On a whim, I pulled out pair of Levi's, size 16, and held them up, scrutinizing the waistband before deciding that they were still far too narrow for my waist.  I almost put them down, but I decided to try them on anyway so I'd know how far I still had to go.

I read once that on average women try on over twenty pairs of jeans before buying one, and I know that's certainly true for me.  I've tried on plenty of size 16s in my lifetime and with the exception of when I was in high school, they've never fit.  I took two different styles in the same size into the dressing room with me and you know what?  Huzzah!!  They fit!  One pair was a snugger fit and there was some muffin topping going on, so I set them aside.  The other pair was a "Comfort Fit" (they put stretchy stuff hidden inside the waistband) and I thought it looks rather flattering so I splurged and bought them.  I was just so thrilled to be able to buy jeans from the "regular" sizes, something I haven't done in more than twenty years.  I'm not a true size 16 yet, but I just felt so good about my efforts.  As the year is coming to an end, I've been reflecting on what I've accomplished.  I may not have my 50 pound goal, but I did lose 35 pounds, dropped multiple sizes, and even better, I'm starting to feel better about myself.  I still have moments of all that negative stuff associated with my body, but I'm in a different place now than a year ago.  And I'm so thankful for that.

I tried to carry that thought with me to the staff Christmas party last night, but I still overindulged.  Ah well, onwards and upwards today.

*For any gentlemen reading, the next paragraph might be a little too much info.*

Boosted by my success at the jeans table, I even went bra shopping, something I absolutely hate.  It's odd because I love to shop, but not for underclothes.  Maybe there's just not enough fabric and the mirror is too large and I have to see myself too clearly, I don't know, but I strongly dislike it.  Honestly, I'd rather look at power tools.  However, today I confronted it because I've been needing some smaller bras since mine hang loosely around me, doing little to offer support in swimmingly large cups.  And you know what?  It wasn't that bad.  I found a couple I liked and fit well without being uncomfortable and emboldened by the jeans, I splurged and bought a bright colored one just for the fun of wearing something cute and pretty underneath.  Surely I deserve it, right?  My weight tracker says "Yes!" though I'm sure my pocketbook will disagree!  I've got to be careful because losing weight can be costly!

I'll post pictures of the jeans later on tonight.  :)

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  1. You totally deserve it, and congrats on finding hot new jeans! That's what should push you on when you're having a low esteem or a bad eating day: think of the day you will pull down a pair of size 14! Or size 12! That's what I keep thinking about even when I decide the day is a wash eating wise: someday I might be able to fit into size 8 pants! That would be amazing. And that helps me decide I don't actually need dessert, which means the day is not lost!
    Congrats, though. That's a great accomplishment.

    - chelsea