Thursday, September 15, 2011

W37, Day 3: Sugar Bliss

I've been so tired this week.  Today was my sleep-in day, but that extra hour did nothing to take the bags out from under my eyes.  Good thing tomorrow is picture day at work so I can showcase my lovely brown, puffy eyes.  I've been feeling sort of run down too.  I don't want to be lazy, but when I woke up this morning, the thought of going to the gym early tomorrow morning made me feel incredibly sorry for myself.  This is a strange reaction because most times I feel good about going to the gym...tired, yes, but willing.  I think it's just the tiredness in me talking because I know that I need to go and work my body if I am going to reach my goals.  But, damn, I feel old when I'm falling asleep on the couch at 7:30 p.m.  Obviously, I'm a major party animal!

On another random note, I asked to start tracking my daily grams of sugar for me and it's not pretty.  There's no way that I'm going to fit in the stringent 34 grams of sugar limit that the website first assigned me.  I'm not ready to publicly admit just how much sugar is going into me on a daily basis, but I will say that I was surprised at the biggest sources of my sugar:  my apple at lunch, yogurt at breakfast, the frozen pre-made lunch, tomatoes, and (not too surprisingly) my chocolate chip Fiber One bar.  Sugar is apparently everywhere.  Maybe that's why I'm so sweet...and fat.  Still, I love my sugar and I'm not ready to give it all up just yet, but maybe I could stand to cut down a little....maybe.

Here's another plug for!  It's fast and easy to use and I plan out all my calories in the morning so that I have a good idea of where I'm headed all day and how I can best use my calories to work in foods I enjoy and avoid being hungry.  You can also track your exercise and get reports on your nutritional information.  Anyway, it's great.  If you're checking it out, you can add me as a friend--my username is eilonwychade.  See you around!  :)


  1. I added the sugar count too after reading this post, and I think you're right: the allowance seems really REALLY restrictive. I'm not taking it too seriously...
    Also, I'm glad you mentioned myfitnesspal. Since you first mentioned it, I have been keeping track and find that not only do I like using it, but it also makes me feel more in control of how much I'm eating.

    - chelsea

  2. I'm glad that you like using the website and that it's working out for you. :) I'm liking it better than WW and it's so helpful for keeping me on it's free! :)