Monday, September 12, 2011

W36, Day 7: Athletic

Went to spinning tonight, for which my sore bum can attest.  I like the calorie burning potential and the feeling that I have accomplished something, though I'm totally wiped out afterwards.  The exhaustion is definitely worth the virtuous feeling of having hit the gym twice in a day.  Wooo!  Wooooo.....zzZZzzzz...

Anyway, I like the instructor a lot because she is super enthusiastic (and er, crazy) about cycling and she constantly shouts out for you to push, push, push yourself to do more.  One thing she said today made me mentally laugh though, because she pointed at the main part of the gym and shouted, "Those people are here to work out (indicating everyone else in the gym), you are here to be an athlete!!"  Oh yeah, that's me.  I think we can just look at me and see that I'm not inclined towards athleticism.  Just this morning I was staring at my calves, fascinated by the weird and separate jiggling up and down my legs.  I swear my legs are more muscular than ever, but I've never noticed so much jiggling and wiggling before....weird.

On another random note, weigh day's not going to be good.  With the exception of last week's weigh day, my weight for the whole week was a bit up, even though I continued to carefully note my calories and exercise daily.  Maybe that's just how it goes some weeks.  I did go over my calories this weekend (even though overall I should be at a calorie deficit for the week), so that will impact the weigh in.  Also, things haven't been 'flowing' well lately, if you get my drift, and anyway, I'm just going to take the number tomorrow as it comes and then move on...and on and on...every step, tread, and cycle makes me stronger.

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  1. I get your drift. Haha. I'm trying to blame that on my lack of weight loss this week.

    I think I pulled a poor butt muscle tonight at spin. Ouch! Also, since we're being women here, I think my lady parts need a little break from spin. I'm gonna hit the eliptical Wednesday and come back to spin on Friday. Hopefully, that will help.

    I do love our instructor though. She is hilarious!