Thursday, April 25, 2013

W7, Day 1: Weigh day yesterday

I weighed yesterday and meant to write the entry, but it was just a busy day.  It always sounds a little crazy to me when I say that because how busy can it be staying at home?  But it was and I went into work for a couple hours so that I can start planning for Monday.  Dreaded Monday.  But I'll get there in another post.

First, the weigh in:  227.8, so down one pound from last week.  I'm quite pleased with that, especially because I didn't behave myself very well through the week.  I didn't log my foods the first part of the week and had several cupcakes over the weekend.  Come this Monday, I threw out the leftover cupcake batter and frosting and got to business logging my foods.  I felt I needed a little boost in motivation, so I decided to try out the BodyMedia device that a reader very kindly lent me.  It's very interesting because I find myself wondering how one little doohicky can do so much measuring.  How does it know?  The gadget says I burn a lot more calories than MyFitnessPal says I do, measuring a daily burn of about 2400-2800.

I'm really surprised by that because it's not like I do much here at home (though sometimes just holding the baby feels like a workout for my arms and back).  On the other hand, it says I can consume about 2000 calories a day instead of 1700 and still lose my pound a week.  I think this is entirely reasonable because when I track my calories lately, I inevitably go over by two to three hundred each day and I'm still losing weight.  I always feel terrible because I never make my calorie goals, but it just feels stringent and hard to follow.  Yes, I know that many people live very reasonably on 1700 calories a day, but I'm always so hungry.  Well, you might wonder, what difference can 300 calories really make?
*Two tablespoons of peanut butter on an apple
*A greek yogurt, a banana, and some strawberries
*A sandwich with one tablespoon of peanut butter or ten pieces of turkey salami
*A Smart Ones or Lean Cuisine meal
*A tortilla with egg and cheese or refried beans
*Three servings of fruit
*Crackers and a cheese stick or hummus
*Etc., etc., etc.

In other words, three hundred calories is a big deal when I'm hungry.  So I think I'm going to change my daily calorie goal and see if I can do better about staying on track and still lose weight.  Seems pretty doable!

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