Tuesday, April 9, 2013

W6, Day 7: Weigh Day, early

So I'm weighing in a day early this week and while it feels a little like cheating, I'll explain why in a sec.  I weighed in at 229.2, which puts me down 6.0 pounds since I started four weeks ago.  Six pounds in four weeks is not bad, especially since I recouped last week's gain.  Even better, this morning, my flubby tummy must be receding a little because I was able to button three of my old pairs of pants when I tried them on, though of these, two are still too tight to wear in public.  But hey, give this woman a gold star!  I don't care if they are my formally 'fat pants', they are pre-pregnancy pants and I can wear them, hallelujah!  In fact, I'm wearing them right now with an overly self-satisfied smile.  Move over yoga pants!  (But don't go too far because I still need you, bless you yoga pants).

Anyhoo, I'm weighing a day early because I'm going in for an appointment tomorrow to see if they can find what's going wrong with my tummy and causing me pain.  They are going to stick a camera down my throat to my stomach to see if there's any problems.  Yikes!  I've eaten things I don't like before, but I've never had to swallow a camera!  First time for everything I suppose.  I have to fast from midnight tonight onward and the appointment is not until tomorrow afternoon, so I may not get to eat until dinner tomorrow.  Even then, I was told that I might not feel like eating for a while afterwards, so it could be a very long time till there's something edible in my belly.  To that end, I'm trying to eat some extra calories today to balance out tomorrow.  I'm not gorging or anything, but adding about 500 extra today.  That shouldn't affect me on the scale tomorrow, but just in case, I didn't want to get penalized when it'll more than wash out tomorrow's calorie count.  I still feel oddly guilty though, as if I'm trying to get a false advantage or something by weighing early.  Silly!

I'd rather swallow this kind of camera!

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  1. Wow, lots of good progress! Keep up the good work!

    And I hope everything's okay on the health front. Good luck with your test. It sounds very not fun. x_x